Current projects that I am working on

e-Ideas (led by Arianna Betti, VICI project, 2017-2021). A team of philosophers are establishing the methodological foundations to trace how ideas change in the history of science, in part by using computational methods and tools.

Legacies of Catalogue Descriptions and Curatorial Voice (AHRC UK-US Partnership Development, 2020-2021). This project aims to open up and support new and important directions for computational, critical and curatorial analysis of collection catalogues in a broad range of UK and US cultural institutions, and across fields including history, art history, museum and information studies, and digital humanities.

CEPOL (Research Council of Norway, 2018-2021). CEPOL is investigating the quantity and quality of bipartisan political communication on Twitter through a mix of automated social media analytics, close reading and surveys.

Recent projects

Curatorial Voice (British Academy Digital Research in the Humanities, 2018-2019). This project demonstrated how new knowledge about the curation and the content of image collections can be generated through computer-assisted analysis of curatorial art descriptions.

Networks of Texts and People (Research Council of Norway, 2012-17). NTAP synthesised corpus linguistics, text analytics, social network analysis and information visualization techniques to analyse climate change discourse in news and social media.

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